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Ashutosh Sohoni is a composer for Films,
TV Commercials & other Visual Media. He is a recipient of PMA Mark Awards 2022 & 2023, Los Angeles. Currently based in Mumbai, he graduated from UCLA-Ext in Film Scoring studies with distinction. He has worked with the likes of Howard Shore, Lorne Balfe and Dominik Scherrer. In his stay in Los Angeles, Sohoni interned for the X-Men, Captain America, Kong: Skull Island composer Henry Jackman. He is also a sample library maker having worked for award winning company OutPut along with Native Instrument's initiative

Ashutosh is able to collect his knowledge in Classical forms while maintaining a balance with the Pop Culture.

The foundation of Sohoni's music education started in his native India under the guidance of Pt. Vishvanath Dashrathe, an eminent vocalist of Indian Classical music. 

Ashutosh started his lessons as a vocalist. Later, he also developed interest in 'Harmonium' which is also known as Melodeon or Pump Organ. He also enjoys working as a Session Artist and an Orchestrator/Arranger. With a growing interest in technology, he applied for a Bachelor's Degree in Information and Technology from MITCOE, Pune. It was during his under graduation years when he aspired to compose music for Films. With a view to explore more paths in music, soon after completing his undergraduation he moved to Chennai.

Academy award winning composer AR Rahman's KM Music Conservatory in Chennai turned out to be a great platform where Ashutosh underwent training in Western Classical Piano. He collaborated with various artists in Chennai to whom he gives credit to develop an ability to absorb South Indian form of music.

Known as an easy to work with guy, Sohoni's aspirations to become a Film Composer strengthened when he got acceptance from prestigious Berklee College of Music, Boston. Currently, he is working on an Album, Web Series and collaborating with filmmakers around the world.

Ashutosh is a sample library maker having worked for award winning company OutPut. His soundpack libraries available on have featured on Global Best charts alongside Junkie XL aka Tom Holkenborg. So far he has composed for a numerous projects including  TV Commercials, Short Films, Theatre & Originals.

Ashutosh featured as a vocalist for the PMA Mark Award'22 winning track "Himalaya"


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